Move & Earn (M&E) - a 2022 trend in the WEB 3.0 world. A healthy lifestyle app that pays the user to exercise is no longer a dream, but a reality!
The idea of the app is built on an important human activity for health - playing sports, namely:
  • Fitness
  • Cross fit
  • Soccer freestyle
  • Dance freestyle
  • Fighting Arts
We aim to encourage millions of people to live healthier lifestyles and, in an interesting way, engage a wide audience in the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.


xGO - is a unique Web3 cryptocurrency environment with built-in Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements, where you can compete against other players around the world. We believe that the hard work you put into your regular sports training should be rewarded with $XGO and unique digital assets.
Our unique artificial intelligence-based video referee will evaluate your performance.
  • Single game
  • Competitions
  • Challenges
  • Legendary tournaments
  • Training
All you need to participate is a smartphone to demonstrate your skills and ambition.
Are you ready for the challenge?
Note: xGO is currently in closed alpha testing, so the contents of this document are subject to change at any time.
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